For over 7 years Service Dog Certification of America has had the largest data base of Service Dogs in the Nation and is hands down the leader in the industry.
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Service Dog Vest Color Selection & Styles

At Service Dog Certification of America we offer a wide variety of Service Dog vest color choices and materials, making the process of Certifying your Service Dog fun and interactive. Since every Service Dog is distinct and individual, all Service Dog vests should be to! Based out of New Mexico, Service Dog Certification of America proudly manufactures all Service Dog vests here in the United States. If you have a design idea for a Service Dog vest, feel free to email us or call us with it! We have been designing and manufacturing pet products for over 20 years. This allows us to offer a large selection of color schemes and materials as well as special customization for your individual application. ie., Armed Forces, Police, Hog Dogs, Bed Bug Detection Dogs and Guide Dogs...  Custom Service Dog supplies are always available. Just let us know what your looking for via our contact form.

Our exclusive new vest (Sport Utility Plus) is an extremely versatile Service Dog vest. This multifunctional vest was designed for safety and convenience. The Sport Utility Plus features four pockets... 1) The New Bag Pocket - this velco pocket dispenses the new bags for waste (poop) containment. 2) ID Slot- this clear velco pocket is perfect for your service dogs ID card or law card. 3) Utility Pocket- this pocket is great for treats, wet wipes, medication, keys, any personal items...4) The Mesh Pocket- this pocket works great for holding the used waste bag until it can be properly disposed of. The vest also has a hook clip perfect for your service dogs engraved ID tag. We also added reflective material to ensure your Service Dogs safety.

Service Dog Vest Color Choices:

  • Black                  
  • Orange
  • Teal Green 
  • Hunter Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Florescent Orange
  • Navy Blue
  • Red
  • Burgundy

All Service Dog Vests are constructed of the highest quality material and hardware.

Kenzie in old style Service Dog vest

Here is an example of the old style, ill fitting, rectangular vest. This outdated  style vest is not comfortable for the dog  and does not fit as well as our new designs. This style also shifts easily allowing the dog to wiggle out and chewing access to the breast strap. 
     Sport Utility Plus

Bruno in his orange Service Dog Vest
     Sport Utility Plus




Sporty black mesh service dog vest

Here at Service Dog Certification of America we have designed a more hip, sleek alternative to the worn out, rectangular, ill fitting vest. We also added reflective material to the sport utility plus vest to ensure your Service Dogs safety.  All colors are available for the standard and mesh. Limited colors available on sport utility plus.

All of our Service Dog vests are made in the U.S. and come with a 100% guarantee.
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