For over 7 years Service Dog Certification of America has had the largest data base of Service Dogs in the Nation and is hands down the leader in the industry.
Service Dog
                  of America

Service Dog Vest & Identification Kit

At Service Dog Certification of America we guarantee to provide a courteous, efficient, and effective service. Above all we offer each and every client a commitment to ensuring that every item in your Service Dog Identification kit will be of the highest quality and standard.

We have been designing and manufacturing pet products for over 20 years. This allows us to offer   a large selection of color schemes and materials as well as special customization for your individual application. ie., Armed Forces, Police, Hog Dogs, Bed Bug Detection Dogs and Guide Dogs...  Custom Service Dog supplies are always available.
Just let us know what your looking for via our contact form.

At Service Dog Certification of America we are always open to suggestions and feedback, our commitment is to you.

Your Service Dog Identification Kit will Include:  

  • 2 Service Dog vests w/ patches- your choice of color  (1 sport utility plus vest & 1 complimentary standard or mesh style vest)
  • 24hr Customer Service Line (Registration Verification and Law break down)
  • 1 personalized Service Dog Certificate (Embossed)
  • 1  ID card w/ picture (printed on a high-grade PVC, similar to a drivers license).  


           This is an example of the Id you will receive.
            It is printed on a high grade PVC, similar to a
            credit card or drivers license.

  • 1  Personalized Engraved QR tag containing  your Service Dogs Name, Biographical and Registration Information (Military style w/ rubber silencer). Includes 2 chains 24" and 5" chains for your choice of utilization.
  • 4 FAQ wallet Information cards (Department of Justice and ADA Laws)
  • Lifetime admittance into SDCA Registry.
  • Personal Webpage/ Online profile containing your Service Dog Registration Information that can be accessed 24/7. This also contains your Service Dogs Biographical, Vaccination Records and any other information you feel relevant (Great for International Travel). A $3000.00 dollar emergency health insurance policy is also available with the upgraded package (Details included with activation instructions).
  • 4 Official Service Dog stickers for use at your discretion (Example below).
  • Kit never needs Renewal.
  • By being the leader in this Industry we are Responsible for providing our Service Dogs and Handlers with the Highest Quality goods, Technologies and Services available. All Service Dogs in our program will receive 50% off on Replacement Products and a discount of 25% on all new goods and services when implemented or upgraded. Including all new vests.
  • Life Time Membership to Service Dog Certifications of Americas Service Dog Club
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products sold.                                                                                *A Doctors note is not required by law but, if you have one we recommend that it be uploaded to your service dogs profile.  

All for $149.95 + S & H ($10.00)             

Click Here for Qualification Requirements

24 Hour Support Hotline: 505-681-6888 

(The 1 and Only, Award Wining Program, Providing 24 Hour
Verification, Support & Service Dog Law Expertise)

   At SDCA all Disabled Veterans
                           qualify for a FREE kit! 

This specialized kit is now available with thanks to The Department of     Justice, private donations and sponsorships. For general qualification      inquiries and registration requirements, please visit our contact form 
Service Dog Certification    


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