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Included with All Service Dog Kits is Admittance into SDCA's Service Dog Certification of America's Club that offers 50% off on Personal Replacement Products and a 25% discount on all New Products and Services. Just Enter your Service Dogs Personal Registration Number for your Discount!

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                 What is a Service Dog?         
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According to the American Disabilities Act (federal) any dog assisting a person with a disability is considered a service dog. A Service Dog (companion dog) and its handler enjoys special protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which gives them equal access to anywhere the general public is allowed, such as restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, taxis, and aircraft, as
well as providing protection for handlers living in places "pets" are not generally allowed. Your "
canine helper" is moments away from becoming a Certified Service Dog through Service Dog Certification of America!                    

Properly Identifying your Service Animal- Testimonials

Thank you for your assistance with certification of VJARRA. Here in California, the recognition of a Service Dog is greatly enhanced by the visual presence of a SERVICE DOG emblem/patch over and above the dog tag. Very few individuals would approach a full grown German Shepherd to "inspect"
the collar ID. And, with the Service Dog patch, the ID is readily available from a distance. This visibility usually eliminates the majority of "challenges" that might otherwise be presented. I encourage any Service Dog owner to utilize any and all "visual aids" that are available.

- G.H. Thomas & VJARRA

   At SDCA all Disabled Veterans
                qualify for a Financial Aid! 

This specialized kit is now available with thanks to The Department of     Justice, private donations and sponsorships. For general qualification      inquiries and registration requirements, please visit our contact form 
Service Dog Certification    


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Financial Aid

Service Dog Certification of America recognizes a significant number of Americans have some form of disability and do to the popularity of our kit, we now offer financial aid to those on disability that meet with our requirements. Please contact this department through the contact form if you feel you or a friend qualifies.

 Identify your Canine Helper as a Service Dog!


The growing need for Service Dogs has increased exponentially over the last few years. These service animals provide people with an increased quality of life through their assistance in day-to-day activities. By properly identifying your service dog, you will be assured that your canine helper can accompany you whenever and wherever you may wish to go. Service Dog Certification of America is proud to assist you certify your canine helper . We will provide you with a service dog certification kit which contains all of the tools you will need to properly identify your service dog.  Certify your canine companion with Service Dog Certification of America today!

Qualify My Dog

In Short
A well-behaved Service dog is unobtrusive, realizes that you are in control, and as a team you do not pose a public threat.

The Americans with Disabilities Act enables people with physical and psychological needs the relief they require through the use of Service Dogs by assisting them with their daily activities. A well-behaved Service dog is unobtrusive, realizes that you are in control, and as a team you do not pose a public threat. Any dog that displays bad behavior, acts aggressively (growling, biting, showing teeth) may not be considered  and will not qualify as a Service Dog. Even a well trained Service Dog is not perfect. If your dog exhibits occasional nipping, Service Dog Certification of America recommends muzzling.

Commands: Commands may be administered to your Service Dog using verbal orders, hand signals or a combination of the two.

Vehicle Unloading:  The dog must remain calm and under control while departing the vehicle. He/ she must wait until released before exiting. Once out of the vehicle the dog must wait quietly until such time as you command, while under no circumstances should the dog be off lead. A quick and efficient exit will ensure your canine helpers safety.

Approaching a Structure: The dog must remain in a heel position* at all times. Traffic, loud noises and other distractions should not gain the attention of the dog. As a team you should project a relaxed attitude.

Controlled Entry Though a Opening: The dog must remain in a heel position at all times. Soliciting of attention should not be tolerated.

Command Obedience: The dog must be obedient to your commands i.e.: sit, come, stay, lay, heel, etc.

Noise Distraction: The dog may acknowledge noise, but in no way should the dog show aggression or fear. Some reaction is normal however; a properly trained Service Dog once commanded, should not cower, shake, or act as though they are unable to preform their usual duties.

Restaurant Conduct: While seated the dog should sit under the table if permissible. If not, as close as possible will suffice. Dropped food retrieval should not be permitted under any circumstances.

Off Lead Retrieval: If lead is dropped at any time the dog must remain in the heel position, unless otherwise commanded.

Load into Vehicle: Load into vehicle should be conducted quickly and efficiently with either the dog or the handler entering first. The dog must not wander but patiently wait for instructions. The dogs safety is always the main concern when walking to or from your vehicle in a parking lot, necessitating command obedience.  

 *heel position -  when you are standing still or walking , the neck/shoulder region of the forward-facing dog is lined up with your right 
   or left leg, and close alongside you.
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     Your moments away from liberating your canine helper!    


Your Kit Includes:

  • 2 Service Dog vests w/ patches- your choice of color  (1 sport utility plus vest & 1 complimentary standard or mesh style vest)
  • 24hr Customer Service Line (Registration Verification and Law break down)
  • 1 Official Service Dog Certificate w/ your Service Dogs Picture (Embossed)
  • 1  ID card W/ your Service Dogs Photo (printed on a high-grade PVC, similar to a drivers license).  
  • 1  Personalized Engraved QR tag containing  your Service Dogs Name, Biographical and Registration Information (Military style w/ rubber silencer). Includes 2 chains 24" and 5" chains for your choice of utilization.
  • 4 FAQ wallet Information cards (Department of Justice and ADA Laws)
  • Lifetime admittance into SDCA Registry.
  • Personal Webpage/ Online profile containing your Service Dog Registration Information that can be accessed 24/7. This also contains your Service Dogs Biographical, Vaccination Records and any other information you feel relevant (Great for International Travel). A $3000.00 dollar emergency health insurance policy is also available with the upgraded package (Details included with activation instructions).
  • 4 Official Service Dog stickers for use at your discretion (Example below).
  • Kit never needs Renewal.
  • By being the leader in this Industry we are Responsible for providing our Service Dogs and Handlers with the Highest Quality goods, Technologies and Services available. All Service Dogs in our program will receive 50% off on all Replacement Products, Including all new vests. An email Including a Discount Code of 25% will be Sent on all new goods and services, when implemented or upgraded. Just visit for Access to the Shopping Cart.
  • Life Time Membership to Service Dog Certifications of Americas Service Dog Club.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products sold!
  • *A Doctors note is not required by law but, if you have one we recommend that it be uploaded to your service dogs profile.

   All for $149.95 + S & H ($10.00)



Our mission at Service Dog is the protection of our Disabled clients though excellent expertise of Service Dog Law. Access to this service is offered to all Service Dogs in our program including  access to our Attorney when called for, who was previously a top Prosecutor for the Department of Justice and is now in private Practice. Please contact us through our contact form if you feel you have been discriminated against or have any question.

Service Dog enjoying the beach in its Service Dog Certification of America Service Dog Vest

We have been designing and manufacturing pet products for over 20 years This allows us to offer   a large selection of color schemes and materials as well as special customization for your individual application. ie., Armed Forces, Police, Hog Dogs, Bed Bug Detection Dogs and Guide Dogs...  Custom Service Dog supplies are always available. Just let us know what your looking for via our contact form. Certify My Dog .com can certify your dog today if it meets with the above qualifications.  Feel the freedom to take your canine companion everywhere you wish to go with no hassles. Certify My Dog .com  is proud to assist you. Certify My Dog .com offers 100% guarantee on all products sold!

Our Story

By being the leader in this Industry we are Responsible for providing our Service Dogs and Handlers with the Highest Quality goods, Technologies and Services available. This has made Service Dog Certification of America a target of an unscrupulous competitor that felt it necessary to post that all companies providing certification are scams excluding themselves. This rumor couldn't be further from the truth. Value and stature is what you need to look for when making your decision. The company that offers you the most experience, quality of products and services for your dollar, should be your choice. Please do your research. We are most confident that with our kit, this high quality is exactly what you will receive. Speaking for ourselves, we worked hand in hand with the US Department of Justice when setting up Service Dog Certification of America under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 over 8 years and tens of thousands of Service Dogs ago. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of Professional Trainers and breeders throughout the United States providing certification, training for our free Service Dogs for the disabled and custom Service Dog merchandise. With this knowledge, we may be able to, depending on your location, recommend several Professional Trainers. In New Mexico, where we are located, we train 4-5 service dogs a year for our free Service Dogs for the disabled program and make many recommendations to individuals who are interested in learning more concerning the training of your Service Dog. Please use our contact form if you are looking for assistance in finding a qualified Professional Service Dog Trainer. If you would like to sponsor or have a potential client for our free Service Dogs for the disabled please also use our contact form. At SDCA we favor personally training over professional if you have the capacity and have a plethora of training guides at your disposal upon request.

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